New Beginnings

Psychiatric Residential Treatment Facility

New Beginnings Psychiatric Residential Treatment (PRTS) that serves up to twelve youth ages 11 through 17 who are struggling with emotional and behavioral issues related to trauma, loss/grief, and other mental health issues that interfere with effective functioning in the home, school, and/or community.  Each youth receives a comprehensive assessment and an all-inclusive set of services including: a psychiatric evaluation; medication management; individual, group, and family therapy; clinical case management; therapeutic activities; medical care; individualized education; 24 hour supervision; and daily skills training. We also provide both Residential Respite Services which typically last for 3-7 days and provide a break for high risk families and youth, inclusive of a Psychiatric assessment and psychiatric evaluation, brief therapy and recommendation for alternate treatment during a 14 day stay.  All services are under the direction of a child psychiatrist and are provided by a team of multidisciplinary staff.

Some important things to know:

  • We believe in learning, not control.  Our focus is on building relationships and skills through Collaborative Problem Solving (CPS), an approach that fosters self-control rather than forced compliance.  We believe people do well if they can.  Our process involves assessing a youth’s current skills and determining which may be lagging and need support.  Our staff are trained in the CPS model and work with each youth on skills development.  Please see for more information on our clinical model.
  • Youth and family voice are a key component of residential services at Kairos.  We welcome youth and family voice through a variety of youth guided and family guided processes that can occur before, during, and after residential placement. We utilize Family and Peer Support Specialists to offer direct support to the family members and youth during meetings and site visits.
  • Family and community support is vital!  Kairos has known for a long time that our most successful outcomes occur when we involve the youth’s family and engage support from the community.  Therefore, parents, family members, and community individuals involved in the youth’s treatment are welcome in the residential facilities at all times and often work side by side with staff.
  • We start planning for discharge as soon as a youth is admitted.  Residential treatment is not the first choice or a long term goal for any of our youth and families, so we focus on discharge planning from the very beginning of treatment.  Doing this allows us to ensure that we all understand and can meet needs after residential services end.
  • Practice is important!  Therapeutic Community Visits (TCVs), cultural activities, and community outings help us provide opportunities for the youth to practice the new skills they are learning in less restrictive environments.
  • New Beginning’s clients are referred by parents, schools and county, regional and state mental health agencies.  

New Beginnings
1750 Nebraska Avenue
Grants Pass, Oregon 97527 
Phone (541) 476-3302
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