Three Bridges

Secure Psychiatric Residential Treatment Facility

This program for transitional age youth 17-24 provides services to young adults with severe mental and behavioral disorders.  These indviduals struggle to face the multiple challenges in navigating the child and adult mental health systems and managing their mental illness.  Their unique needs are related to but strikingly different from those of their peers in the children's system as well as the adult system.

Three Bridges focuses on helping them develop the social, emotional, behavioral, and cognitive skills they need to integrate into the community,  live independently, find and maintain employment, seek educational opportunities, and transition into adulthood. 

We welcome parents and families at all times.  We work with the client and their family to provide youth-guided and family-driven care.

Three Bridges 
711 SW Ramsey Avenue
Grants Pass, Oregon 97527 
Phone (541) 479-5901
Fax (541) 479-6329