Jackson Services for youth age 4 to 17

Care is trauma-informed based on consideration of the child’s needs and strengths. The child and family are the focus of the treatment planning process.

We employ a team approach involving a therapist, skills coach, and peer and family support. Services are tailored to the youth and family needs at the time of assessment. Ongoing assessment occurs in collaboration with the youth, family, and those serving the child to choose, plan, evaluate, and change services as needed. Whenever possible, accommodations are made to meet the needs of the youth and family.

Services are flexible and can occur in an office setting or be delivered “in-place” (e.g., school, home, or community). Additional services may include family and peer support; medication evaluation and management; and individual and family skill-building therapy.

Supports can be adjusted when 1) needs are identified as dangerous or disabling and they require immediate intervention; 2) the need for intensive, immediate intervention and action has decreased and thus the frequent and intensive strategies can be adapted to address the problem; or 3) there is a need to monitor or take preventive action. This allows services to be delivered across various levels of intensity while matching severity of needs to intensity of treatment.

Services also include Interval, a respite home option for youth age 4 to 17 who are experiencing emotional or behavioral crisis and need a brief “break” from their regular living situation. Interval is designed for planned respite of one to three days.

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