Residential Treatment Home

Momentum is a non-secure residence for 5 young adults with serious mental and behavioral disorders. Young adults at Momentum receive intensive mental health services geared toward helping them develop the thinking and coping skills that will assist them in making the transition to adulthood. Staff help them learn to navigate the work and/or education worlds and to develop skills that will enable them to attend school, work, and live independently in the community. Momentum utilizes the Collaborative Problem Solving model and believes that clients do well if they can. When they are unable to do well it is due to a lagging skill. Identifying lagging skills is just the first step as staff works closely with clients to determine the issue to be solved, hear client concerns, express their own concerns, and work together to find a solution.

We strive to incorporate families within the treatment process to help clients utilize collaborative problem solving to strengthen supportive relationships that will help them stay successful post-treatment. 

1920 Kurtz Lane
Grants Pass, Oregon 97526 
Phone (541) 295-3072
Fax (541) 295-3074