Residential Treatment Home

Tempo is a non-secure residence for 5 young adults with serious mental and behavioral disorders. Young adults at Tempo receive intensive mental health services geared toward helping them develop the thinking and coping skills that will assist them in making the transition to adulthood. Staff help them learn to navigate the work and/or education worlds and to develop skills that will enable them to attend school, work, and live independently in the community.  In addition to trauma-informed individual psychotherapy and groups, all staff share the Collaborative Problem Solving (CPS) philosophy that “People do well if they can.”  Instead of rewards and consequences that have been traditionally used to shape behavior, we use this evidence based CPS approach, which engages people in supportive exploration of how they would like to solve their problems.  This approach supports people to build relational and cognitive skills that increase flexibility, ability to consider multiple outcomes of different choices, understand impact on others, increase empathy, and ability to focus on important tasks, among others.

We welcome parents and families at all times. We work with the client and their family to provide youth-guided and family-driven care.  We aim to support residents to grow into the people they wish to become.


348 Ruby Avenue
Eugene, Oregon 97404
Phone (541) 461-3075
Fax (541) 461-1361